Digital Brand Services

We are the business behind business®. More than 65% of the 100 Best Global Brands®—including 7 of the Top 10—and a growing share of Global 2000® corporations trust us to consolidate and secure their digital assets against brand risks, optimize and promote their digital portfolio, monitor their brands for infringement, and enforce their intellectual property rights when necessary.

Consolidate and secure your digital assets

CSC centralizes your digital assets, keeping them secure and fully operational 24/7, putting you in control. We help you manage your domain names, social media usernames, secure sockets layer (SSL)/transport layer security certificates, and domain name system (DNS) more efficiently—securing them against cyber attacks, through:

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Monitor for threats and enforce your rights

Protecting your brands online means detecting and removing threats. CSC monitors brands across the digital channels, prioritizes results, and takes action against the most serious infringements. Our tailored and evolving solutions helps prevent revenue loss and brand abuse by identifying and eliminating digital infringements and counterfeiting through:

Learn more about monitoring for threats and enforcing your brand rights at CSCDigitalBrand.Services.

Optimize and promote your digital portfolio

Developing a connected digital brand strategy ensures your digital portfolio is working hard. We optimize your assets to seize control of growth opportunities, regain lost web traffic, and maximize the return on investment of your digital portfolio. CSC helps you find the optimum mix of assets—including .brands—to drive traffic and support your campaigns while minimizing online brand abuse through:

Learn more about optimizing and promoting your digital portfolio at CSCDigitalBrand.Services.

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